Monday, 7 May 2018

Stoneleigh me

This weekend was the kit car show at Stoneleigh. I went as a member of RHOCAR as I was nominated for magazine editor. As I was the only nominee, I was duly elected. Only afterwards did the outgoing editor tell me he had been trying to find a replacement for 3 years! Sounds promising...

The drive up was fun - I drove past the scene of my off-road incident (see last post) and the bollards are still missing. The weather all weekend has been amazing, almost too hot and I almost put my roof up just to keep me cooler.

The RHOCAR stand was pretty full:

Worryingly, the show halls were quieter than last year, less people and exhibitors which is not promising for the future. Hopefully a one-off..

Still lots of fantastic vehicles:

I camped overnight and had my usual solid 2 hours of sleep - i don't know why i persist with camping, I never sleep well.

On the way home, it was even hotter and, while stuck in a slow queue, I decided to switch off the engine. The temp gauge was fine but I thought it was a good idea. Nope, wrong. After a few minutes, the queue started moving and Zedster wouldn't start! Everything seemed to work; lights, hazards, fuel pumps but no starter motor. After a bit more panicking, i remembered reading that some people had issues with hot starter motors, so i sprayed water over mine and left it for 5 minutes (with cars crawling past me). Amazingly, it worked but a useful issue to remember for future.

Also, hopefully, another RHOCAR member has offered to do my doors. I left all the stuff with him at the show so hopefully I might have some doors in the near future.

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