Sunday, 25 March 2018

'Tis the season to be jolly...

... because the ice age is finally over and the roads, they are 'a calling...

Took a drive out to the The white lion antiques car meet (last Sunday of every month) - a great selection of cars:

Strangely, Zedster was the only kit there - expected a few more. Despite all the  lovely Cobras and TVRS, the DeLorean still looks amazing,  if you don't look inside and ignore it's humdrum mechanicals and engine, especially from the rear. It's difficult to believe its a 30+ year old design - still one of the most futuristic looking cars around.

I haven't got round to my doors yet - the materials are all here but I'm just too scared to make the first cut. My wimpy sewing machine was not up to the job (already sold on eBay) and I thus still need to find someone to do the sewing. There's a repair shop on my local high street who said he would but i don't have much faith in him - he has absolutely no idea what a kit car door looks like and even after I showed him a picture, he still looked confused.

I went through a short tunnel on the way home and the NOISE from Zedster was awesome - i must try the Hindhead tunnel on the A3 one day. I also had a couple of oversteer moments today; one i planned but the other caught me out - uphill, right-hand bend in 3rd gear (!) , booted it a bit early and out came the back. Paniced, lifted off and oversteer the other way! With a car coming the other way! Luckily, it probably felt worse than it was but it slowed me down for a while.

Grin just about faded away now...

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